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About us

LHG Mining was conceived in 2022, with the acquisition of MCR (Mineração Corumbaense Reunida) by the J&F group, the largest business group in Brazil. J&F has operations in over 20 countries and more than 270,000 employees. The group is active in various industries such as food, cellulose, energy, mining, financial services, communication, cosmetic and hygiene and cleaning. J&F Investimentos has experienced a consistent trajectory of value creation and growth since 1953. Its activities create jobs and income for Brazil and Brazilians, directly employing over 507,000 individuals across the country. The group controls JBS, the world’s largest food producer; Eldorado Brasil, one of the largest and most modern pulp mills (cellulose) worldwide; Banco Original, the first 100% digital bank in the country; PicPay, the largest real-time payment app in Brazil, as well as mbar Energia, Flora Personal Care and Beauty Products, Canal Rural and LHG Mining.

LHG Mining

With own port, integrated logistics and optimized operations in iron ore and manganese ore, LHG Mining joins the industry with the stamina to invest in the mining sector, create jobs and continuously focus on becoming a unique solution for the sustainable steel production chain. MCR was established in 1974, its headquarters and operations are in the State of Mato Grosso do Sul. The company owns the Santa Cruz and Urucum mines, which are located in the cities of Corumbá (MS) and Ladário (MS), with extensive reserves of high-grade iron and manganese ore. The operations of LHG Mining rely on over 2,000 employees in Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay.


To be the best at what we set out to do, with a clear focus on our activities, ensuring the provision of top products and services for customers, consistency with our suppliers, profitability for our shareholders and the opportunity for an enhanced future outlook for all our employees.

Our Beliefs

Focus on Detail


Objectives are achieved only through hard work

The right person at the right place

Being passionate about doing the job

Attitude is more important than knowledge

The leader is the one who must impress his subordinates

Lead by example

Focus on results

Working with people who are better than we are

Trusting makes the difference

Quality products and services


Owner’s Attitude

Committed to the result, he has in-depth knowledge of the activities which he carries out and has a vision of the group as a whole. He is determined, disciplined, and focused on details. He is a hands-on leader and continuously seeks to be the best at what he does and never quits. He is always available and leads by example. He becomes startled, will not settle, will not be silent or overlook what he sees, especially when something fails to work well or can be improved. He is attentive to spending and saving every penny and is engaged and committed to the organizational culture.

Being Humble

He knows how to listen, is attentive and takes into consideration the opinion of others. It does not matter who did it, what matters is that we did it. He is not embarrassed to ask questions or say that he does not know the answer. He is not arrogant or conceited and acts with full respect. e is not worried about social status and does not think he knows it all. His priority is the team and not the individual.


He is direct, honest, truthful, and transparent in his relationships and is continuously respectful, positive, team player and welcoming. He stands up for his ideas and expresses his opinions even when it is contrary to the general opinion and he knows the right time to say no.


He is open, accessible, and available at any time of day. He is always prepared, and work is his priority. He is open to innovative ideas and changes and is highly driven by new challenges.


He keeps his word, is always on time with his schedule and appointments. He carries out his tasks in a disciplined manner. He is focused, pragmatic, optimizes time, activities, and resources. He delivers results, does not turn away from commitments and does not make up excuses.


He is passionate about his tasks and delivers results and fulfills commitments beyond expectations. He makes things happen, seeks alternatives to problems and engages individuals towards a common goal. He has a sense of urgency, an owner’s attitude and never gives up.


He achieves objectives in a simple and straightforward manner, he is a hands-on leader, goes straight to the point, simplifies the process and reduces bureaucracy while complying with the rules.

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